Morale Programs

Morale programs focus on building support networks for military units, families, personnel, spouses, and children.  Thus morale target either individuals and families or military units.

Unit Events:  Military units often sponsor events to build support and moral networks.  The MFSC supports these efforts when requested.

Examples of past support:

  • Unit Family Days
  • Navy/Army Ball Assistance
  • Unit Holiday Parties
  • Deployment Events
  • Unit Sponsored Resource Events

Family Programs:  Families, both military and civilian, often depend upon one another as a support network.  Military families living in the communities away from military instillation’s often serve within different units or branches, limiting their opportunities to meet and connect.  The MFSC seeks to provide opportunities for these families to meet and network in fun and creative environments.

Examples of past Family Programs:

  • Indoor Family Rock Climbing
  • Free and Discounted Concert Events
  • Military Family Appreciation Baseball Game
  • Parents Movie and Date Night
  • Military Dependents Kids Summer Camp
Military Appreciation Baseball Game

Military Appreciation Baseball Game

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