Mission and Goals

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MFSC’s Mission:

The Military Family Support Centers, Inc. (MFSC) is a private not for profit 501 (c)3 charitable organization whose mission is to identify and provide for the morale, welfare, and informational needs of military families (of all branches and components) who reside outside of the established support networks.

 MFSC’s Goals: 

The Military Family Support Center’s goals for 2015 include, expanding our regional networks, increasing and better utilizing our media exposure, and dedicating additional resources to benefit education and proactive programs.

The MFSC will be focusing on expanding our networks in two main ways; we are expanding our networks of services providers and support organizations while simultaneously expanding our military and veterans contacts.  Through expanding our service provider and organizational contacts, we will be able to better meet the needs of families when they contact us.  We will also be reaching out to more unit and veteran organizations in the area serviced to ensure that any eligible families are aware of the services available.

The MFSC will be attempting to increase our media exposure and better utilizing our current media exposure to highlight works being done in the community.  We will be placing an emphasis on the partnership we have formed and are utilizing to meet needs.  As well we will be focusing on raising awareness of military and veteran issues that exist in our communities.  The MFSC hopes to better advocate for the local military families we serve.

The MFSC will be focusing our resources on benefits education and proactive programs intended to lessen the need of reactive assistance programs.  Programs such as resource fairs, training and employment programs, benefits education seminars, financial planning and preparation classes, resource books that will better allow families to plan ahead and prepare.

The Military Family Support Center, its staff and Board of Directors operate with the long term goal to educate, advocate, and facilitate support for military families in hope that eventually there will no longer be a need for emergency support or assistance programs.

Donations give real meaning to the words, "We Support Our Troops." Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Military Family Support Center.

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