Fill the Humvee

DSCN2461The MFSC has a community based “Exchange” at the headquarters in Salem, Virginia.  The Exchange is a blend of a base Commissary and a Community Food Pantry.  The idea simply being that in hard times a military family finds unable to keep food on the table can access the Exchange.  The facility enables our community to exchange food and household staples for the service rendered by our enlisted military personnel.

IMG_3293The MFSC Exchange is stocked in two main ways. By direct donations from civic groups, church groups, and businesses and by Fill the Humvee fundraisers.  Fill the Humvee events have been utilized by the MFSC since our first family requested food in 2005 and have allowed the MFSC to keep the Exchange stocked for families for the past decade.  Local military units or recruiters provide a humvee or military vehicle, the MFSC parks at a store (Walmart and Kroger) and then asks shoppers to donate items for military families.  Donations are delivered back to the MFSC and sorted, counted, and stocked on our Exchange shelves.


This is an opportune time for the MFSC to thank all the volunteers who over the years
have been extremely generous with their time.  


Donations give real meaning to the words, "We Support Our Troops." Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Military Family Support Center.

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