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Military Family Support ServicesOur military service members represent only 1 percent of our population, but they carry the responsibility of protecting our entire country. But they don’t do it alone. Their spouses, children, parents and other members of their family share in the duty and sacrifice of serving our country. Unfortunately, many of our military families do not live near a military facility. That means these families don’t receive the benefits of those who live near a military base. Think of the Military Family Support Center (MFSC) as your remote commissary, JAG office or base mechanic.

We provide support for all of our remote military service men and women and their families:

  • Families of Deployed Service Members – We’ll be there for your entire family while your loved one is away.
  • Families of Service Members Who Have Returned Home – We’ll be there for your entire family for six months after your loved one returns home.
  • A Wounded Warrior – We’ll be there for you once you become a part of the Center until you are cured.
  • A Service Member Killed in Action – We’ll be there for you forever.

Check out our programs for our military families.


Donations give real meaning to the words, "We Support Our Troops." Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Military Family Support Center.

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