• Services and Programs

    Our Services

    Think of MFSC as your remote commissary, JAG office or base mechanic. And like a traditional military base, there are services that are available to you while your loved one is away serving our country.

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  • Mission and Goals

    Our Mission

    Many of our military families don't live near a military facility, missing out on valuable services. We provide support for all of our remote military service men and women and their families.

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The Military Family Support Centers Inc.

Thank you for your interest in the Military Family Service Center!

We ask your patience as we update our website.

The Military Family Service Center (MFSC) believes that any war fighter should be secure in the knowledge that while they are defending the nation or training to do so, whether domestically or abroad, their family is provided for and supported at home.

It is through the generous and continuing support from individuals, organizations, and sponsoring businesses that the MFSC is able to meet the daily goal of providing for the morale, welfare, and informational needs of local military families and veterans.  The Military Family Support Center is a singular organization with infinite possibilities.

If you have questions about a program or service, please contact the office at (540) 400-8301 or via email at info@milfamily.org.